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Brayden is 14-Month’s Old!

This has been a great month, as it is the start of the holidays! We went to Charlotte for Thanksgiving, enjoyed our last football game of the season with our friends, celebrated a graduation, and started attending holiday parties! However, the holidays bring colder weather, which inevitably brings…colds! The Jones household has a case of the constant sniffles and coughs and should be buying stock in Kleenex. While it doesn’t seem to affect Miss B much, Trent and I are wiped out. She is challenging our immune system, for sure! I feel like Brayden is sometimes a little sneaky transporter of germs all wrapped up in the most adorable package. She looks cute and gives you hugs and kisses, and then BAM!, you feel like you were hit by a freight train! 


Brayden can now identify her belly, nose, teeth, hair, head, and eyes when you ask her to point to them! And she yells the words ‘dog’ and ‘door’. She has also figured out how to open the dog’s food container, take out pieces of food and feed them! No update on the teeth front…still only five! She is little miss independent, though and is so stubborn at times (not sure where she gets that from!?!).


After 11 years of driving the same car, 128k miles later, and realizing that squeezing my post-baby body and Brayden into the back of a two-door car was a miracle, we decided to get mommy some new wheels! We bought an Acura MDX (“MomUV” as Trent calls it), equipped with DVD, navigation, the whole nine yards. Why do I have this sneaky suspicion that Brayden won’t be the one getting the most use out of the DVD player? Regardless, I love the car and it’s nice to get rid of a five speed-those days are over!


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