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New Year, New Adventures

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2010 is already shaping out to be quite an exciting year at the Jones household. We have some wonderful news we’ve been waiting to share with everyone…come August 6, we will be welcoming another addition to our family. Yes, we are pregnant again! We are so thrilled as we tried for about seven months. There is a plan for everything in life and know that it is working out as it should. So, it looks like we’ll have another Leo in the family! I am finally into the 2nd trimester and the tiredness and any upset stomach issues (minimal) have subsided. Brayden is very excited as well and talks to my belly every now and then asking the baby questions like, “Do you like America Idol, baby?” (she says the baby doesn’t like that show). Miss B is also convinced the baby is a girl. If you ask her why, she says, “Because Daddy already has a brother and because me and Mommy are girls.” I guess we’ll find out in a few more weeks if she’s right or not. Anyway, we’ll be sure to keep the same traditions as last time with the ever-growing belly photos so you can see the progress! Our friends and family share in our excitement as well. We know it will be like a circus in our house, but we welcome it with open arms!

January proved to be another month of traveling for both work and pleasure. We attended Roman’s 2nd birthday party, I flew to Orlando for a work trip, then turned right back around the next morning and Trent, Brayden, and I met up with Kyle, Erin, and Mom and spent a long weekend in Louisville visiting with the Spurlin side of the family. As always, it was nothing but laughter and reminiscing on good times. We played cards with Mamaw and Papaw (they play a mean game of cards) and in typical fashion, Uncle Johnny had a get together at his house and the whole crowd showed up (30+ people). Even though we only see this side of the family about once a year, we pick up right where we left off.

The next weekend, I went to Miami for a much-needed girls’ weekend with five other friends from college: Alison (surprise), Kendall, Kristy, Lisa, and Salina. We had an absolute blast. Even though Kendall and I were the resident preggers, we hung with the best of them (although I’m sure we got some funny looks while lying out on South Beach in our bikinis). South Beach is such a different world, but one I could get used to visiting a few times a year (great shopping, food, beach, people). I hadn’t seen some of these girls in a few years and there is definitely something to be said about wonderful friendships. Although we are now all in our 30s, we still feel/act like we are in college when we are together (staying up late telling hilarious stories, etc.). My belly ached from all the laughter and I feel like I had a grin on my face all weekend. We ate dinner on Saturday at Mr. Chow at the W and then went dancing in the Delano lobby. Ooh la la. I must say that this group of NCSU girls made an impression on that lobby. We all agreed during that trip that we would love nothing more than to make it an annual trip. Count me in.

I have started taking a weekly, prenatal yoga class on the same nights that Trent takes Brayden to gym class. On Thursdays, he plays soccer, so we all have an evening dedicated to some exercise outside of the house. I know we are all more relaxed after doing so. Trent has also joined a gym near his office in an effort to train for the Cooper River Bridge Run 10k (which we do in March).

The last weekend in January, Cary received six inches of snow. Schools were closed Monday and delayed on Tuesday. We took a nice walk around the neighborhood that weekend in the 22-degree weather (ok, that was just too cold) and built a baby snowman in the front yard. I am hoping this is the last we’ll see of the snow this year as I’m a fan of warmer weather. It’s pretty when it’s falling, for sure, but the remnants and salt on the road afterward aren’t as appealing.

January Brayden-isms:
•When we were in Louisville, one of Johnny’s dogs went into Brayden’s room while she was sleeping and licked her face in the middle of the night. She woke up more startled than anything else and told me (in a sobbing, pitiful voice), “Close the door, mom…so the dogs can’t come in…because they don’t have hands” (meaning they can’t open the door due to their lack of hands).
•One night when Brayden had to go #2, I asked her if she was done, to which she replied, “I don’t have to go anymore.” I said, “Why not?” She said, “Because they went home.” I said, “Where did they go?” She said, “Back in my body. They weren’t ready to come out yet.”
•When drawing the letter “A”, she calls the slanted lines, “Dagano” lines (diagonal).

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  • Courtney Nichols

    We are so excited for you three! I am thrilled that we’ll be moving back on the East Coast this summer so maybe we’ll get to meet the little bug by the fall. Congrats!
    Todd, Court, and Clancy

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