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16-Week Appointment

We went to the doctor today for our 16-week appointment. They did the typical check-up stuff: weight, blood pressure, protein levels. Everything was great. We heard the heartbeat again, but this time it was interrupted by some weird, static noises. We wondered whether or not the doppler was malfunctioning. The doctor then asked Becca, “Did you eat some sugar this morning?” She said, “No. I ate cereal this morning. Why?” He said, “Because that baby is moving like crazy. It’s all over the place. Everything sounds great, but it’s a hyper little thing!” (No surprise here. Any baby that is 50% Becca’s is bound to be full of energy.) We haven’t felt the baby move yet ourselves, though. Becca had blood taken to test for high levels of alphafetalprotein (AFP) and cystic fibrosis (CF). We’ll find out those results in a week and will be saying some prayers. On June 5, we get to find out the sex of our little Baby J!!! Stay tuned…

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