Brayden is 22-Month’s Old!

21 to 22 MonthsThe summer is slowly coming to a close, but we have thoroughly enjoyed ourselves this month, so no complaints here! Trent went on a guys’ canoe trip (photos would probably be incriminating-I haven’t even seen any) while I took Miss B to the lake with some of my family. I grew up with a family lakehouse and had the best time ever! It was very nostalgic and I came home right away and told Trent, “I want a lakehouse!” It may be a few years before that happens, but it was the perfect day. I even slalomed and went off a big rope swing, which I hadn’t done in probably seven to eight years! Brayden had a lot of “firsts” that day, too: ski boat ride, catching a fish (with her own pole) and swimming in a real lifejacket (thanks Dad/Barb).

Trent and I were concert-going fools one week as well. We saw 311/Snoop Dogg one night and then two nights later attended the Projekt Revolution Tour. Our friend gave us his pit passes so we were really close to the stage (and tried to avoid the moshers). Am I getting too old for this? Nah. I went on a work trip to Oakland for a few days and took the red eye into DC to visit with Trent’s parents for the weekend. We had a blast. We took Miss B to the Arlington County Fair where she got to see a piggy race and go to a petting zoo. She loved it! She kept saying, “Piggies running fast.” I celebrated my 31st birthday and Trent and I celebrated our seventh wedding anniversary. My how time has flown by! We are ramping up for football season now and are excited as it’s just around the corner.

Brayden continues to amaze us (I feel like I put this in each post), but she is just stunning! She cracks us up! She is repeating EVERYTHING we say, so we really have to watch it. The other day she repeated Trent when he was talking to the dogs and said, “Knock it off, doggies!” She also tackled her 8th ear infection and is fine now. We are making strides in the potty training area, too. On July 25 (yes, I keep notes) she was in her crib and said, “Mommy poopy. Big girl potty.”, so I took her to the bathroom where she went “tee tee” (as we call it) while reading a book (just like Daddy) and then I gave her stickers for doing such a great job. Ahh, the bribing/rewarding begins.

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