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Brayden is Two-Year’s Old!

This has been another busy month for the Jones clan. Both Trent and I have traveled for work to Atlanta, Redmond, and Nashville. Next month, the work travel will continue for me and I am very much looking forward to it slowing down. We have continued to enjoy tailgating at the NCSU football games (even though the team doesn’t always pull out a win), but it is a great time, nonetheless. Dad and Barbara came in town for the homecoming game, so it was great to have them here for that. We also went to a concert and I went to Charlotte for a weekend to see my friend, Susan, for her wedding shower. The highlight of the month, of course, was Brayden’s 2nd birthday! We had her party one week earlier because I had yet another business trip that began on her actual birthday. There were about 18 people there, including five or so little “shorties” running around giggling. It was a blast. We did a Nemo theme and she really enjoyed it! We can’t believe she is already two! Wow, time flies!

Brayden can now say her entire ABCs, which we find very impressive! I have no idea when a kid is supposed to know his/her ABCs, but I feel like two years is pretty darn good! Brayden also busted her lip up pretty bad one morning at school and she just looked at us and said, “you should’ve seen the other kid.” Actually, she just tripped over a piece of carpet and got a busted lip/nose, but was fine. Now that it’s Halloween time, Brayden is on a constant mission, “lookin’ for punkins, mama” and has added the word “now” to the end of nearly every sentence. Not in a demanding tone, but rather along the lines of, “let’s go shopping store now, mommy.” It’s really cute. Trent also taught her movements for the NCSU fight song, which you can see in our video.

She had her two-year checkup and weighed 24 lbs., 13 oz. and was 33” tall. That puts her in the 25% for weight and 45% for height, which equals our little peanut.

We’ll continue to write posts each month, but I think we’ll drop the number of months that Brayden is in the title because you gotta quit sometime. I mean, it can’t say “Brayden is 51-month’s old” one day…that’s just too much math for someone to do who is reading for fun! Stay tuned for next month’s post!

View Birthday Photos and Video | View 23/24 Month Photos and Wolfpack Song Video


  • Nana

    How can you get any cuter than this… what a wonderful bundle of joy… I am so proud of you tow.. you are doing a wonderful job as parents… Love Ms B!

  • Keri

    Hi Joneses,

    I can NOT believe she is TWO. That is so scary how quickly time passes. We have to get together soon somehow. I want to see Miss B.

  • Noel Yakubowski (birth class)

    Hiya! I showed Nikolas the pictures from Brayden’s birthday party. Now he walks around the house and calls for Brayden to come out and play and says “Momma, find Brayden!!!” I will try to get a video of it and send it to you. Hope you are well!

    Noel and Nikolas

  • Nana Hall

    Ms B is the best and oh so beautiful…….love ya Ms B … and Trent and Becca, you are doing a wonderful job being parents…I love you so…

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